A girl was very proud of her boyfriend, she always told her friends how good her boyfriend is. . On the day of her birthday, she invited all her friends including her boyfriend who happens to be the special guest of honour. . Everybody brought their gifts to the girl and was waiting for the arrival of the girl’s boyfriend who promised to bring a very nice gift for his girl. . As everybody was waiting, Behold! The boy was coming with a gift which was inside a poly bag. . The girl was very happy at the arrival of her boyfriend and was ready to see the gift that he brought to her. . Do you know what happened???? . The boy just opened the poly bag in front of all the guest’s and invitees. And he brought out a loaf of bread. And said to the girl.. “Take this bread, that’s what i brought for you as your birthday gift” . The girl got angry immediately and was highly disappointed at her boyfriend. She grabbed the bread and threw it away in anger. . The boyfriend also got disappointed and he rushed to pick up the bread. He opened the bread in front of his girlfriend, Behold!!!…. There was a car key and an engagement ring inside the bread. . When the girl noticed that She began to beg, but then it was too late for her. . Moral: Always learn how to appriciate things wheather Big or Small. . Prayer: i Pray that your Mistake will never take away your Favour. . Before the end of the year God will surely surprise you with a Miracle. http://www.naijagist.xyz/2020/03/14/a-girl-was-very-proud-of-her-boyfriend-she-always-told-her-friends-how-good-her-boyfriend-is-on-the-day-of-her-birthday-she-invited-all-her-friends-including-her-boyfriend-who-happens-to-be-the-s/

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Popularly known as ‘I am Shai’ or ‘Eja nla’, Seyi Edun is a fast-rising Nollywood actress and movie producer. She features mainly in the Yoruba […]